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TACC & CCATT Webinar Resources
TACC 2022
Texas Community College Fact Sheet 2022
TACC 2022
CCATT Annual Conference: Agenda
CCATT, 2022
CCATT Webinar Recording: Board Self-Evaluation
CCATT 2022
CCATT & BOTI 2021: Digital Notebook
TACC 2021
CCATT & BOTI - Agenda
CCATT, 2021
TACC Master Calendar 2021
TACC 2021
New Presidents Orientation
TACC 2020
TACC Annual Meeting Report - July 2020
TACC 2020
2019 TACC Summer Meeting Agenda
TACC, 2019
Colleges by Size
CCATT 2019
Nomination of Officers and Directors Process & Timeline
CCATT 2019
CCATT Bylaws
CCATT 2019
The Nominations Committee Letter to CCATT members
CCATT 2019
Executive Leadership Transitioning at Community Colleges
American Association of Community Colleges & Association of Community College Trustees (2018)
Texas Trustees Elected to ACCT Leadership Positions
CCATT, 2018
Presidential Engagement of Students at Minority Serving Institutions
University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education (2018)