College Data


A critical part of the mission of our community colleges is to meet all students where they are, including providing higher education opportunities to high school students. Texas public community colleges serve 94 percent of all dual credit students across the state of Texas. Below you will find information on the most current fall term dual credit tuition and fees for each college.  These rates reflect dual credit information collected directly from institutions as part of the annual TACC local revenues survey, as well as data pulled directly from college websites where available.



Access to higher education is at the heart of the mission of Texas public community colleges. Preliminary headcount enrollment at community colleges for the most recent terms are provided below. Starting in Spring 2024, enrollment data will be provided for both the Fall and Spring terms. 

With the passage of HB 8 and inclusion of non-credit outcomes, the preliminary enrollment report has changed to include new data points for continuing education enrollment. How these enrollment trends correlate with fundable outcomes are critical for General Revenue appropriations by the State of Texas of moving forward.

For data from previous years, please see the Archived Reports or refer to the THECB Higher Education Accountability System.


Community College Finance

Every fall TACC collects data on community college taxes and tuition/fee charges. Please note that the ad valorem tax revenue for each college district is a projected amount, not the actual amount collected by the district. The most recent available results are linked below; older reports can be accessed through Archived Reports, which are separated into Property Tax and Tuition/Fees reports.