Dr. Kurt Ewen

The Carl M. "Cheesie" Nelson Award

This award honors the importance of administrative leadership at Texas community colleges by recognizing a Vice President or Dean who has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities.These traits include but are not limited to: (1) Understanding of, and commitment to, the mission of the comprehensive community college; (2) Demonstrated support for student learning and success; (3) Ability to develop broad-based perspectives; (4) Capacity to develop effective, collegial working relationships with faculty and staff; (5) Character traits typically associated with effective leadership (e.g., honesty, integrity, compassion, fairness and equity); (6) Demonstrated involvement in community-oriented activities outside the college; and (7) Support for, and engagement with, professional development activities. 
Award YearAward Recipient
2023Susan Guzman-Treviño, Ph.D.
2022Kurt Ewen, Ph.D. 
2021Fred Hills, Ph.D.
2020Karen Buck, M.Ed.
2019Donna McDaniel, Ph.D.
2018Steve Smith
2017Juan E. Mejia, Ed.D.
2016Leann Ellis, Ed.D.
2015Federico Zaragoza, Ph.D.
2014Ron Clinton, DMA
2013Laurel Williamson, Ph.D.
2012Michael W. Jenkins, Ph.D.
2011Shah Ardalan
2010Bobby Smith
2009Maya Durnovo, Ed.D.
2008Jonathan McCullough, Ph.D.
2007Kathryn K. Eggleston, Ph.D.
2006Lydia Tena-Perez, Ed.D.
2005Johnette McKown, Ed.D.
2004Christal Albrecht, Ed.D.
2003Judy G. Traylor, Ed.D.