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Celebrating Our Collective Success

All In for Texas Success celebrates five years of Texas community college improvement. The campaign highlights all 50 Texas community colleges and their work implementing Texas Pathways.

All In for Texas Success is running from February through August 2024. Each month focuses on a theme and shows community college improvement through data, college profiles, and videos. We hope you will help us amplify this story by sharing the content in your own communications and outreach.

Theme of the Month: Progressing

Progressing. At Texas community colleges, advising is ongoing throughout the college experience, and academic supports prepare students for successful transfer.

May Colleges

College Profiles

Amarillo College: Loving Our Students to Success

Amarillo College and the First-Year Experience

Amarillo College and the Texas Success Center


TSC Leadership Infographic

Leadership. Increasing engagement from leaders — presidents, chancellors, and trustees — leads to enhanced student outcomes.

College Profiles on Leadership:


CBC, Grayson, SanJac

The Texas Success Center Supports College Leadership
Leadership with San Jacinto College
San Jacinto College Talks Data
All In for Texas Success - Connecting Infographic

Connecting. Colleges are connecting with their students and getting them on pathways more efficiently. This outcome is the result of improving both internal connections essential for program mapping and external partnerships with K–12 and universities.

College Profiles:

Kilgore, McLennan

April Infographic_Program Redesign Scaling and Outcomes

Entering. Improvements to onboarding — such as introducing corequisite support and helping students get program-relevant experience quickly — set students up for success.

College Profiles:

April College Profile Logos

Succeeding: College Success. All 50 community colleges made progress on seven early momentum metrics. These metrics demonstrate progress in areas correlated with higher long-term outcomes; they show progress in the initial steps that are essential for higher graduation rates.

Succeeding: Student Learning. Student learning, including applied learning, is the outcome that matters most.

What’s Next. Improvement efforts will continue with Talent Strong Texas Pathways, more emphasis on belonging and wellness, and building culture that helps students connect with their college.