TACC Pathways
Community colleges are economic and cultural engines in every part of the state, vital to their communities and key to advancing the individual aspirations of students.

Texas Success Center

The Texas Success Center, a member of the national Student Success Center Network, creates a coherent, statewide framework for action and supports the 50 community college districts in the state as they evaluate, align, and integrate their work to increase student success.

This comprehensive reform strategy reflects the Texas Association of Community Colleges’ dedication to socioeconomic mobility through career-focused postsecondary success.  For that purpose, the association founded the Texas Success Center to provide statewide coordination of student success strategies and to tighten the linkages between practice, research and policy. To this point, 49 of the 50 districts, serving 99% of 730,000+ students, have committed to implementing guided pathways at scale.

Through the center’s work, colleges build capacity to implement and scale practices to help more students earn meaningful credentials, transfer to universities with no loss of credit, and gain employment in careers with value in the labor market.

Texas Success Center Mission

Dedicated to socioeconomic mobility of Texans, the Texas Success Center will:

  • build the capacity of Texas Association of Community Colleges member colleges to implement and scale systemic reforms to improve student learning and success,

  • build the capacity and sustainability of the Texas Association of Community Colleges to support and evaluate colleges' student success strategies, and

  • inform public policy to enhance colleges' student success efforts.