Community College Day at the Capitol 2019
Community colleges are economic and cultural engines in every part of the state, vital to their communities and key to advancing the individual aspirations of students.

Texas Association of Community Colleges

TACC is a nonprofit organization that represents 50 public community college districts. 

Our primary mission is advocacy to help lead policy development, innovation and institutional practices in higher education. 

We provide a common voice on behalf of member colleges during the Texas Legislative session and build relationships with state policymakers during non-session years. This voice promotes the sustainability of, and equity among, community college districts across the great state of Texas. 

  • TACC believes community colleges change lives through social and economic mobility; 
  • TACC values transformational change, transformational thinking and transformational leadership; and
  • TACC envisions a thriving, forward-looking Texas by embracing the urgency of now.


If you'd like to learn more about how community colleges effectively serve all Texans, please explore our explainer videos: (1) Policy Priorities for the 86th Legislature, (2) How Community Colleges Respond to Workforce Needs, (3) How We Fund Community Colleges, (4) Why Dual Credit Works for Texas, (5)  Service Areas vs. Taxing Districts, and (6) How We Serve Rural Texans.