Knowledge Development

The Talent Strong Texas Pathways knowledge development objective is to conduct research that creates actionable knowledge to support the redesign of the student experience at Texas community colleges.

The Center commissions and conducts research studies and related activities to build the knowledge base concerning Pathways reform efforts and enhance the impact of community colleges’ Pathways strategies.

Additionally, the Center supports the development of colleges’ internal research capacity by modeling research activities in Institute activities. 


Knowledge Development Steering Committee

Having a statewide commitment to Talent Strong Texas Pathways provides an unprecedented opportunity to learn how guided pathways is implemented in different contexts across the state. 

To accomplish this learning, the Center manages an evaluation plan based on a well-established theory of change. For Talent Strong Texas Pathways, our theory posits that attendance at Center programs, coupled with leadership engagement, promotes the scaling of the essential practices of the strategy. This results in improved student outcomes, as indicated by growth in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  

We also established a research collaborative that produces action-oriented and practitioner-facing projects that support Texas community colleges to redesign the student experience through guided pathways.