Community College Research Fellows

Community college research fellowships build the knowledge base supporting Texas Pathways and advance Texas community college research and teaching capacity. Fellows benefit from participating in pathways-related activities, including professional development and mentoring/guidance related to their intended career trajectory. Through distribution of reports and other materials to develop the state’s knowledge, the fellowship expands what college practitioners, leaders, and legislators know about improving student success, closing equity gaps, scaling pathways and reforming cross-sector institutional partnerships.

Fellows conduct research studies and related activities to (a) build the knowledge base concerning Texas Pathways reform efforts, (b) enhance the impact of community colleges’ reform efforts, and (c) increase capacities of community college focused researchers. This knowledge development work informs the development of practitioner-oriented guidance and tools and shapes training, technical assistance, coaching, and professional development related to pathways. Knowledge development work focuses on questions of particular interest to college practitioners and policy makers in the state.

Cohort 2
Channell Cook
Channell Cook, M.S.
Research Mentor: Afi Wiggins
Susan Goll Headshot
Susan Goll, M.A.
Research Mentor: Lindsay Daugherty
Jordan Utley Headshot
Jennifer Jordan Utley, Ph.D.
Research Mentor: John Fink
Michelle Lamons Headshot
Michelle Lamons
Research Mentor: Tamara Clunis
Newman Wong, M.A. , M.B.A.
Research Mentor: Kasey Klepfer
Jackson Yan Headshot
Jackson Yan, Ph.D.
Research Mentor: Lauren Schudde
Cohort 1
Photo of Ibrahim Bicak
Ibrahim Bicak, M.S.
Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant, Higher Education Leadership, Department of Educational Leadership & Policy, University of Texas at Austin
Research Mentor: Lauren Schudde
Photo of Marisol Garza
Marisol Garza, M.Ed.
Doctoral Student, Higher Education Leadership, Department of Educational Leadership & Policy, University of Texas at Austin
Research Mentor: Linda García
Garrett Groves Photo
Garrett Groves, M.P.Aff.
Vice President, Business & Industry Partnerships, Austin Community College
Research Mentor: Alison Kadlec
Photo of Laura Lane-Worley
Laura Lane-Worley, Ph.D.
Faculty Member & Distance Learning Coordinator, Lee College
Research Mentor: Heather Justice
Photo of Randa Faseler Schell
Randa Faseler Schell. Ed.D.
Director, Student Engagement & Success, Southwest Texas Junior College
Research Mentor: Kasey Klepfer