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College Spotlights

Progress Scaling Texas Pathways: Results from the 2023 Scale of Adoption Assessment
Board of Trustees Institute 2022 Impact Report
Building a Stronger Texas Workforce Together: Final Report
Emergency Student Aid to Mitigate COVID-19 Pandemic Disruptions on Community College Credential Attainment
Progress Scaling Texas Pathways: Pillar 4 - Ensuring Students are Learning
Community College Research Fellow Publication: Predictors and Consequences of Math Course Repetition: The Role of Horizontal and Vertical Repetition in Success Among Community College Transfer Students, Research in Higher Education
Progress Scaling Texas Pathways: Pillar 2 - Helping Students Choose and Enter a Pathway
Progress Scaling Texas Pathways: Pillar 1 - Mapping Pathways to Student End Goals
Texas Pathways Early Momentum Metric Overview: 2015 to 2020
Progress Scaling Texas Pathways: Pillar 3 - Keeping Students on Path
Knowledge Development Steering Committee Kickoff Meeting
Ibrahim Bicak - Course Repetition in College-level Mathematics Courses among Community College Transfer Students