As the only association of elected officials in higher education, we advocate for community colleges and provide professional development to Texas Trustees and Regents to foster student success and ensure excellence in governance. In August of 2016, CCATT's Board of Directors developed a comprehensive strategic plan based on survey results of its members. Survey data led to a better understanding of its members' and stakeholders' current level of engagement and their interests in the future of the association.

Momentum 2021, a five-year strategic plan, was the result of hard work by the association to provide direction for the association's long range aspirations. 



CCATT is a trusted, recognized source of information for higher education advocacy and enjoys robust engagement of its members. It is a premier source of community college trustee development, and it operates through effective collaborative partnerships. CCATT prides itself on being a cohesive, inclusive, high-performing organization with resources to achieve its vision and goals. The CCATT Board of Directors is committed to achieving measurable results. 


Memorandum of Understanding 

A Memorandum of Agreement between the Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC) and CCATT details the binding partnership for the advancement of the postsecondary education and the collaborative and equitable relationship among the leading governance and leadership entities collectively representing community colleges.