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Disinvesting in the Future? A Comprehensive Examination of the Effects of State Appropriations for Public Higher Education
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (2018)
Want More Students To Pay Down Their Loans? Help Them Graduate.
Third Way (2018)
Transfer and Mobility: A National View of Student Movement in Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2011 Cohort
National Student Clearinghouse (2018)
Opening Credits: An Introduction to PLA Policies
Education Commission of the States (2018)
Supporting Community College Completion with a Culture of Caring: A Case Study of Amarillo College
Temple University and Wisconsin HOPE Lab (2018)
Guide to Assessing Basic Needs Insecurity in Higher Education
Wisconsin HOPE Lab (2018)
Dual Credit Study: Dual Credit and Success in College
University of Texas System (2018)
A Promising Model to Boost Retention for Part-Time Students
Center for American Progress (2018)
Dual Credit: Where College Meets High School
UT System and TACC Task Force (2018)
TACC Summer Conference 2018 Program
Dual Credit Education Program in Texas: Phase II
AIR (2018)
Minority Serving Institutions as Engines of Upward Mobility
ACE (2018)
The Neglected College Race Gap: Racial Disparities Among College Completers
CAP (2018)
Time Demands of Single Mother College Students and the Role of Child Care in their Postsecondary Success
IWPR (2018)
What We Know about Equity and Diversity in Apprenticeship
JFF (2017)
Powerful Partners: Businesses and Community Colleges
National Skills Coalition (2018)
Supporting Community College Delivery of Apprenticeships
JFF (2017)
Addressing Equity Gaps in State Goals for Postsecondary Education Attainment
Lumina & CUE (2015)