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Non-Trad CC Students Meme
TACC 2019
Dual Credit Works for Texans (Infographic)
TACC, 2019
Government Relations Internship Application
TACC, 2019
Senate Committee on Property Tax (SB1)
TACC, 02.06.2019
Funding Priorities 1-Pager: 86th Legislative Session
TACC, February 2019
Texas Community Colleges: Policy Priorities for the 86th Legislature
TACC, Feb 2019
Can Student Loan Debt Explain Low Homeownership Rates for Young Adults? & "Rural Brain Drain": Exploring Millennial Migration Patterns and Student Loan Debt
Federal Reserve (2019)
"Black Genius, Asian Fail": The Detriment of Stereotype Lift and Stereotype Threat in High-Achieving Asian and Black STEM Students
American Educational Research Association (2018)
Does Online Education Live Up to Its Promise? A Look at the Evidence and Implications for Federal Policy
Protopsaltis & Baum (2019)
Toward a Better Future: Exploring Outcomes of Attending Career Colleges and Universities
Gallup and Career Education Colleges and Universities (2019)
Career and College Exploration Experiences: Planning for Success
JFF (2019)
Nondegree Credentials, Work-Based Learning, and the American Working Class
American Enterprise Institute (2019)
A Career-Oriented Summer: Planning Your Summer Bridge Program
JFF (2019)
Career Readines
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board & Texas Workforce Commission (2018)
College Affordability Update: Value, Price, and Choice in U.S. Higher Education
Manhattan Institute (2019)