Talent Strong Texas Pathways

What is Talent Strong Texas Pathways?

  • A strategic plan to support community colleges to build capacity to implement structured academic and career pathways at scale for all students
  • An integrated, system-wide approach to student success that guides students from the selection of their high school endorsement through postsecondary education to attainment of high-quality credentials and careers with value in the labor market


How do Students Experience Talent Strong Texas Pathways?

  • Attending a college that addresses the students' sense of belonging and wellness as the foundation for success.
Pyramid Model


  • Engaging in a cycle of learning that supports students to connect, enter, progress, and succeed in well-designed credentials of value.
Student Success Experience


How are colleges implementing Talent Strong Texas Pathways?

  • Redesigning the student experience by scaling essential practices organized in four pillars.
  • With support from curated institute curriculum, technical assistance, and expert coaching provided by the Texas Success Center.
4 Pillars
Pillar 1 Cover 2022

Pillar 1: Mapping Pathways to Student End Goals

Read how colleges are:

  • Defining broad areas of study known as meta-majors
  • Mapping programs within each meta-major
  • Designing program maps for student planning and marketing
  • Customizing program maps with the student end goal in mind: transfer to a university or entry into the workforce
  • Aligning program math requirements with student end goals


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Pillar 2 Cover 2022

Pillar 2: Helping Students Choose and Enter a Pathway

Read how colleges are:

  • Providing career exploration to all students
  • Developing a full program plan for and with students
  • Supporting student success in gateway courses
  • Building pathways for students at all readiness levels
  • Working with high schools and other feeders to motivate and prepare students

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Pillar 3 Cover 2022

Pillar 3: Keeping Students on Path

Read how colleges are:

  • Supporting all students with active and strategic advising
  • Clarifying program progress for students
  • Providing targeted academic and basic needs support to keep students on their program plan
  • Providing program options within meta-majors for all students
  • Scheduling based on student needs

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Pillar 4 Cover 2022

Pillar 4: Ensuring Students are Learning

Read how colleges are:

  • Defining program learning outcomes aligned with success in further education and employment
  • Engaging students in active and applied learning across programs
  • Providing opportunities for deep learning through projects, service learning, internships, and other high-impact practices across programs
  • Assessing educational practice effectiveness and creating targeted professional development
  • Assessing program learning outcome progress and engaging in continuous program improvement


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