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A Bottom-Up Study of Top-Down Assessment
Ocean, McLaughlin, & Hodes (2018)
College and Career Pathways: A Strategy for State Economic Success
JFF (2018)
The Future of Work: Policy Proposals for the Modern Economy
The New Deal Forum Working Group (2018)
Improving Community College Completion Rates by Addressing Structural and Motivational Barriers
Brookings Institute (2018)
STEM Dual Enrollment: Model Policy Components
Education Commission of the States (2018)
Supporting Students Along Their Pathway: Policy Approaches for Addressing Economic Insecurities Facing Community College Students
JFF (2018)
Redesigning State Financial Aid: Principles to Guide State Aid Policymaking
Education Commission of the States (2018)
TACC's Policy Priorities for the 86th Legislature, Whiteboard Animation
TACC, August 2018
TACC's Policy Priorities for the 86th Legislature, 1-Pager PDF
TACC, 2018
Performance Based Funding for Community Colleges
TACC, 2018
Strategic Planning & 60x30TX, April 2018, Presentation at THECB
TACC, April 2018
Preliminary Spring 2018 Enrollment (41 of 50 districts reporting)
TACC, 2018
Outcomes Based Funding in Texas: A Policy History, March 2018
TACC, March 2018
TACC FY 2018 Community College Tax Report, 2018
TACC, 2018
Base Year Contact Hours by College: 2004-05 to 2018-19
TACC, 2017
Fall Enrollment (by the college), 2008 to 2016
TACC, 2017
Statewide Total Base Year Contact Hours: 1974-75 to 2018-19
TACC, 2017