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Scaling Success: Lessons from the ASAP Expansion at Bronx Community College
CCRC (2019)
Setting A North Star: Motivations, Implications, and Approaches to State Postsecondary Attainment Goals
Ithaka S+R
Indicators of Higher Education Equity in the United States
The Pell Institute & PennAHEAD (2019)
Consumer Reports for Today's Postsecondary Students
National Skills Coalition (2019)
Young Adult Educational and Employment Outcomes by Family Socioeconomic Status
National Center for Education Statistics (2019)
Certified Value: When Do Adults Without Degrees Benefit from Earning Certificates and Certifications?
Strada, Gallup, & Lumina Foundation (2019)
Born to Win, Schooled to Lose: Why Equally Talented Students Don't Get Equal Chances to Be All They Can Be
Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (2019)
Don't Stop Improving: Supporting Data-Driven Continuous Improvement in College Student Outcomes
The Institute for College Access & Success (2019)
The State of American Higher Education Outcomes in 2019
Third Way (2019)
60x30TX: Texas Higher Education Strategic Plan 2015-2030
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (2015)
De la Ciudad a la Frontera: Advancing Latino Male Students in Border and Urban Regions in Texas
The University of Texas at Austin (2019)
Don't Stop Believin' (in the value of a college degree)
U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor Report (2019)
A Look at Five Key Outcomes in Early Adulthood for Associate Degree Earners
American Council on Education & Hobsons (2019)
Credentials for the Future: Mapping the Potential for Immigrant-Origin Adults in the United States
Migration Policy Institute (2019)
Predominantly Black Institutions: Pathways to Black Student Educational Attainment
University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education (2019)
Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education: A Status Report
American Council on Education; The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (2019)
Signature Report 12 Supplement: Completing College: A National View of Student Attainment Rates by Race and Ethnicity - Fall 2010 Cohort
National Student Clearinghouse (2017)
Undergraduate Degree Earners: First-time Graduates and Graduates with Prior Awards
National Student Clearinghouse (2019)
Persistence: The Success of Students Who Transfer from Community Colleges to Selective Four-Year Institutions
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation (2019)