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States Can Choose Better Path for Higher Education Funding in COVID-19 Recession
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Higher Ed Budgets for the Post-COVID Era: Now’s Our Chance to Do This Right
Lumina Foundation & Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (2020)
State Investment in Higher Education: Effects of Human Capital Formation, Student Debt, and Long-Term Financial Outcomes of Students
National Bureau of Economic Research (2020)
Funding for Equity: Designing State Dual Enrollment Funding Models to Close Equity Gaps
Zinth Consulting, LLC (2019)
The Landscape of Performance-Based Funding in 2020
InformEdStates (2020)
Better Together How a Reimagined Federal-State Partnership to Fund Public Higher Ed Could Help Bring College Within Reach for All
The Institute for College Access & Success
Two Decades of Change in Federal and State Higher Education Funding
The Pew Charitable Trusts (2019)
State Higher Education Funding Cuts Have Pushed Costs to Students, Worsened Inequality
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (2019)
The Myth of State Disinvestment in Higher Education
Texas Public Policy Foundation (2019)
Inequitable Funding, Inequitable Results: Racial Disparities at Public Colleges
The Institute for College Access & Success (2019)
Designing for Success: The Early Implementation of College Promise Programs
MDRC (2019)
Recommendations for Providing Community Colleges with the Resources They Need
The Century Foundation (2019)
State Higher Education Finance: FY 2018
SHEEO (2019)
The Future of Income-Share Agreements: Policy and Politics
Manhattan Institute (2019)
Measuring the Effects of Outcomes-Based Funding on Certificate Production: Challenges, Inconsistencies and Recommendations for Future Research
Research for Action (2019)
Leveraging Perkins V to Support College and Career Pathways
JFF (2018)
Lessons Learned: A Case Study of Performance Funding in Higher Education
Third Way (2018)
Trends in College Pricing 2018
College Board (2018)
Disinvesting in the Future? A Comprehensive Examination of the Effects of State Appropriations for Public Higher Education
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (2018)
Performance-Based Funding for Community Colleges in Texas: Are Colleges Disadvantaged by Serving the Most Disadvantaged Students?
Greater Texas Foundation (2015)