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The Effects of Expanding Pell Grant Eligibility for Short Occupational Training Programs: Results from the Experimental Sites Initiative
Institute of Education Sciences (2020)
How COVID-19 Exacerbates Existing Inequities in Our Financial Aid System
Third Way (2020)
What Works for Today's Students - Satisfactory Academic Progress Reset
Higher Learning Advocates (2020)
A Broken “Promise”?: How College Promise Programs Can Impact High-Achieving, Middle-Income Students
Third Way and CCRC (2020)
State of Student Aid and Higher Education in Texas
Trellis Company (2020)
Expanding Opportunity for Lower-Income Students: Three Years of the American Talent Initiative
Aspen Institute, Ithaka S+R, & Bloomberg Philanthropies (2020)
Borrowing for College: Helping Older Students Make Good Decisions
Urban Institute (2020)
The Politics of Designing Tuition-Free College: How Socially Constructed Target Populations Influence Policy Support
The Journal of Higher Education (2020)
Staking their Claim: Promising Practices for Facilitating FAFSA Completion
ASA Research (2020)
High School Longitudinal Study of 2009 (HSLS:09) A First Look at the Postsecondary Transcripts and Student Financial Aid Records of Fall 2009 Ninth-Graders
National Center for Education Statistics (2020)
What is the Price of College? Total, Net, and Out-of-Pocket Prices in 2015-16
National Center for Education Statistics (2020)
PLUS Borrowing in Texas: Repayment Expectations, Experience, and Hindsight by Minority-Serving Institution Status
Trellis Company (2020)
Adult Promise: Design Template
State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (2019)
Free College 101
Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (2019)
Working Learner Index: Study Examines Motivations of U.S. Workers Seeking Education Benefits While on the Job
Bright Horizons (2019)
Short-Term Programs in the Shadows: What Data Show About Program Length, Cost, and Payoff
The Institute for College Access & Success (2019)
Student Loan System Presents Repayment Challenges (Texas)
The Pew Charitable Trusts (2019)