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Bridging Financial Wellness and Student Success: Effective Models for Community Colleges
Association of Community College Trustees (2020)
State of Student Aid and Higher Education in Texas
Trellis Company (2020)
Hungry to Win: A First Look at Food and Housing Insecurity Among Student-Athletes
The Hope Center (2020)
Creating a Resource Center: San Antonio College
Lisa Black (2019)
OER at Scale: The Academic and Economic Outcomes of Achieving the Dream's OER Degree Initiative
SRI Education, Achieving the Dream, & rpk GROUP (2020)
#RealCollege 2020: Five Years of Evidence on Campus Basic Needs Insecurity
The Hope Center (2020)
What Works for Today's Students - Microgrants
Higher Learning Advocates (2020)
State Strategies for Addressing College Students’ Basic Needs
Center for Law and Social Policy (2020)
Beyond the Food Pantry: Supporting Community College Students with Affordable Housing Vouchers
The Hope Center (2020)
Issue Brief: Student Parents
Greater Texas Foundation (2019)
Beyond the Food Pantry: Lowering College Students' Bills with Energy Assistance Programs
The Hope Center (2019)
#realcollege Guide to Assessing Basic Needs Insecurity in Higher Education
The Hope Center (2019)
Head Start-College Partnerships as a Strategy for Promoting Family Economic Success: A Study of Benefits, Challenges, and Promising Programs
Institute for Women's Policy Research
Financial Knowledge and Past-Due Credit Card, Mortgage, and Student Loan Debt
Urban Institute (2019)
Missed Opportunities: Education Among Youth Experiencing Homelessness in America
Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago (2019)
More Information Could Help Student Parents Access Additional Federal Student Aid
Government Accountability Office (2019)
Helping Students Climb the Economic Ladder
The Chronicle of Higher Education (2019)
Studying on Empty: A Qualitative Study of Low Food Security Among College Students
Trellis Company (2019)