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The Future of Work Demands High-Quality Education Beyond High School
Lumina Foundation (2020)
Hiring in the Modern Talent Workplace
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (2020)
The New Geography of Skills: Regional Skill Shapes for the New Learning Ecosystem
Strada & Emsi (2019)
Landscape Study of Federal Employment and Training Programs
American Enterprise Institute (2020)
When is a Job Just a Job--And When Can it Launch a Career? The Real Economic Opportunities of Middle-Skill Work
JFF (2019)
The Overlooked Value of Certificates and Associate's Degrees
Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (2020)
Preparing Opportunity Youth for the Future of Work
JFF (2019)
Inclusive Economic Development: Good for Growth and Good for Communities
JFF (2019)
The New Learning Ecosystem
Strada Education Network (2019)
Realism About Reskilling: Upgrading the Career Prospects of America's Low-Wage Workers
Brookings Institution (2019)
Back to School? What Adults Without Degrees Say About Pursuing Additional Education and Training
Strada Education Network & Gallup (2019)
The Value of an Incomplete Degree: Heterogeneity in the Labor Market Benefits of College Non-Completion
The Journal of Higher Education (2019)
Changing the Value Equation for Higher Education
Strada Education Network & Gallup (2019)
Working Learner Index: Study Examines Motivations of U.S. Workers Seeking Education Benefits While on the Job
Bright Horizons (2019)
The Way We Were: The Changing Geography of U.S. Manufacturing from 1940 to 2016
Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (2019)
The False Dichotomy between Academic Learning & Occupational Skills
CCRC (2019)
Apprenticeships: From Community College to Promising Tech Career
Accenture (2019)
The Unequal Race for Good Jobs: How Whites Made Outsized Gains in Education and Good Jobs Compared to Blacks and Latinos
Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (2019)
Talent-Driven Economic Development: A New Vision and Agenda for Regional and State Economies
Brookings Institution (2019)