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The Lasting Benefits of Early College High Schools
American Institutes for Research (2020)
The Data that Matter and the Plans that Work: New Districtwide Approaches to Student Success Beyond High School
National College Attainment Network (2020)
Achieving Equity in College in High School Programs: Practitioner-Informed Policy Design Commitments and Principles
JFF (2019)
Early College, Continued Success: Longer-Term Impact of Early College High Schools
AIR (2019)
The Evolution of Career and Technical Education: 1982-2013
American Enterprise Institute (2019)
Recommended Technical and Essential Employability Competencies For College and Career Pathway Endorsements
JFF (2019)
Who is the Modern CTE Student? A Descriptive Portrait of Career and Technical Education Students in Texas
American Enterprise Institute (2019)
Building a Fast Track to College
Education Reform Now (2019)
Career and College Exploration Experiences: Planning for Success
JFF (2019)
A Career-Oriented Summer: Planning Your Summer Bridge Program
JFF (2019)
High School-to-College Transition Courses: A Typology of Design Choices
CCRC (2018)
Math Transition Courses in Context: Preparing Students for College Success
CCRC (2018)
Remedial Math Goes to High School: The Impact of the Tennessee SAILS Program
Harvard University Center for Education Policy Research
College and Career Pathways: Equity and Access
ExcelinEd (2018)
K-12 Education: Public High Schools with More Students in Poverty and Smaller Schools Provide Fewer Academic Offerings to Prepare for College
Government Accountability Office (2018)
Aligning for Student Success: How Community Colleges Work With K-12 to Improve College and Career Outcomes
Education Strategy Group, American Association of Community Colleges, & Association of Community College Trustees (2018)
English Transition Courses in Context: Preparing Students for College Success
CCRC (2018)
STEM Dual Enrollment: Model Policy Components
Education Commission of the States (2018)
ESSA: State-by-State Analysis: Strategies for Incorporating College in High School Programs into the Every Student Succeeds Act
College in High School Alliance (2018)
Beyond Academic Readiness: Building a Broader Range of Skills for Success in College
JFF (2017)