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Toward a Better Future: Exploring Outcomes of Attending Career Colleges and Universities
Gallup and Career Education Colleges and Universities (2019)
Return on Investment: What is the Value of the Associate Degree?
Association of Community College Trustees & Strada Education Network (2017)
Putting Students First: Are Associate Degrees Preparing Graduates for Successful Careers?
Association of Community College Trustees (2017)
Completing College: A National View of Student Completion Rates—Fall 2012 Cohort
National Student Clearinghouse (2018)
Of Metrics and Markets: Measuring Post-College Employment Success
The Institute for College Access & Success (2018)
Doubling Graduation Rates in a New State: Two-Year Findings from the ASAP Ohio Demonstration
MDRC (2018)
Defining Student Success: Recommendations for Changing the Conversation
Higher Learning Commission (2018)
First Look: Graduation Rates for Selected Cohorts, 2009–14; Outcome Measures for Cohort Year 2009–10; Student Financial Aid, Academic Year 2016–17; and Admissions in Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2017
National Center for Education Statistics (2018)
Working Together for Equitable Student Outcomes
Frontier Set (2018)
Improving Community College Completion Rates by Addressing Structural and Motivational Barriers
Brookings Institute (2018)
Postsecondary Institutions and Cost of Attendance in 2017-18; Degrees and Other Awards Conferred, 2016-17; and 12-Month Enrollment, 2016-17
National Center for Education Statistics (2018)
60x30TX Progress Report
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (2018)