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Consumer Reports for Today's Postsecondary Students
National Skills Coalition (2019)
Young Adult Educational and Employment Outcomes by Family Socioeconomic Status
National Center for Education Statistics (2019)
Indicators of Higher Education Equity in the United States
The Pell Institute & PennAHEAD (2019)
Born to Win, Schooled to Lose: Why Equally Talented Students Don't Get Equal Chances to Be All They Can Be
Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (2019)
Certified Value: When Do Adults Without Degrees Benefit from Earning Certificates and Certifications?
Strada, Gallup, & Lumina Foundation (2019)
Don't Stop Improving: Supporting Data-Driven Continuous Improvement in College Student Outcomes
The Institute for College Access & Success (2019)
The State of American Higher Education Outcomes in 2019
Third Way (2019)
60x30TX: Texas Higher Education Strategic Plan 2015-2030
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (2015)
De la Ciudad a la Frontera: Advancing Latino Male Students in Border and Urban Regions in Texas
The University of Texas at Austin (2019)
Credentials for the Future: Mapping the Potential for Immigrant-Origin Adults in the United States
Migration Policy Institute (2019)
Don't Stop Believin' (in the value of a college degree)
U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor Report (2019)
A Look at Five Key Outcomes in Early Adulthood for Associate Degree Earners
American Council on Education & Hobsons (2019)
Predominantly Black Institutions: Pathways to Black Student Educational Attainment
University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education (2019)
New Insights Into Attainment for Low-Income Students
Center for American Progress (2019)
The Rural Male in Higher Education: How Community Colleges Can Improve Educational and Economic Outcomes for Rural Men
Association of Community College Trustees
Preserving Culture and Planning for the Future: An Exploration of Student Experiences at Tribal Colleges
Center for Community College Student Engagement (2019)
Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education: A Status Report
American Council on Education; The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (2019)
Signature Report 12 Supplement: Completing College: A National View of Student Attainment Rates by Race and Ethnicity - Fall 2010 Cohort
National Student Clearinghouse (2017)
Undergraduate Degree Earners: First-time Graduates and Graduates with Prior Awards
National Student Clearinghouse (2019)