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When Commitment Leads to Transformative Change: How Partnerships Pave the Road to Careers for High-Need Students
JFF (2019)
Meet the Millions of Young Adults Who Are Out of Work
Brookings (2019)
De la Ciudad a la Frontera: Advancing Latino Male Students in Border and Urban Regions in Texas
The University of Texas at Austin (2019)
The Importance of Developmental Education in Rural Communities
National Center for Developmental Education (2019)
Ventajas/Assets y Conocimientos/Knowledge: Leveraging [email protected] Strengths to Foster Student Success
University of Texas at San Antonio College of Education & Human Development (2014)
Científicos Latinxs: The Untold Story of Underserved Student Success in STEM Fields of Study
University of Texas at San Antonio College of Education & Human Development (2019)
Assessing Underserved Students' Engagement in High-Impact Practices
AAC&U (2013)
Connecting Apprenticeships to the Young People Who Need Them Most: The Role of Community-Based Organizations
JFF (2019)
Credentials for the Future: Mapping the Potential for Immigrant-Origin Adults in the United States
Migration Policy Institute (2019)
Broken Mirrors: Black Student Representation at Public State Colleges and Universities
The Education Trust (2019)
Don't Stop Believin' (in the value of a college degree)
U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor Report (2019)
Demography of Opportunity
CCRC (2019)
Predominantly Black Institutions: Pathways to Black Student Educational Attainment
University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education (2019)
Expanding Economic Opportunity for More Americans: Bipartisan Policies to Increase Work, Wages, and Skills
Aspen Institute (2019)
Ripple Effect: The Cost of the College Dropout Rate
Third Way (2019)
The Changing Career Trajectories of New Parents in STEM
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2019)
New Insights Into Attainment for Low-Income Students
Center for American Progress (2019)
The Rural Male in Higher Education: How Community Colleges Can Improve Educational and Economic Outcomes for Rural Men
Association of Community College Trustees
Preserving Culture and Planning for the Future: An Exploration of Student Experiences at Tribal Colleges
Center for Community College Student Engagement (2019)
Creating Visibility and Healthy Learning Environments for Native Americans in Higher Education
American Indian College Fund (2019)