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STEM Dual Enrollment: Model Policy Components
Education Commission of the States (2018)
ESSA: State-by-State Analysis: Strategies for Incorporating College in High School Programs into the Every Student Succeeds Act
College in High School Alliance (2018)
Senate Education Committee and Higher Education Committee Discuss Dual Credit
Dual Credit Study: Dual Credit and Success in College
University of Texas System (2018)
Dual Credit: Where College Meets High School
UT System and TACC Task Force (2018)
TACC's Policy Priorities for the 86th Legislature, Whiteboard Animation
TACC, August 2018
Dual Credit Education Program in Texas: Phase II
AIR (2018)
College Credit in High School: Working Group Report
College Board (2017)
Rethinking Dual Enrollment to Reach More Students
ECS (2018)
Differentiated Dual Enrollment and Other Collegiate Experiences
NCREST (2018)
What Happens to Students Who Take Community College "Dual Enrollment" Courses in High School?
CCRC (2017)
Dual Credit Education in Texas: Interim Report
RAND Corporation (2017)