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College and Career Pathways: A Strategy for State Economic Success
JFF (2018)
Leveraging Perkins V to Support College and Career Pathways
JFF (2018)
Pathways to High-Quality Jobs for Young Adults
Brookings Institute (2018)
The Future of Work: Policy Proposals for the Modern Economy
The New Deal Forum Working Group (2018)
Apprenticeships: The Next Stackable Credential?
JFF (2018)
Three Educational Pathways to Good Jobs
Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (2018)
Fulfilling the Promise of Career Pathways
Urban Institute (2018)
Fulfilling the American Dream: Liberal Education and the Future of Work
Hart Research Associates (2018)
Broadening the Apprenticeship Pipeline
National Skills Coalition (2018)
The Impact of Occupational Licensing on Labor Market Outcomes of College-Educated Workers
CCRC (2018)
Working Before, During, and After Beginning ata Public 2-Year Institution: Labor Market Experiences of Community College Students
NCES (2018)
Supporting Community College Delivery of Apprenticeships
JFF (2017)
Powerful Partners: Businesses and Community Colleges
National Skills Coalition (2018)
A Resource Guide to Engaging Employers
JFF (2015)
Apprenticeships and Community Colleges: Do They Have a Future Together?
American Enterprise Institute (2018)
Degrees of Opportunity: Lessons Learned from State-Level Data on Postsecondary Earnings Outcomes (includes Texas)
AEI (2017)