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Data Basics for Higher Education Slides
Spring 2024 TACC Enrollment Data Request Template
TACC 2024
TACC Administrative Salaries FY 2024 Template
TACC 2024
FY 2024 Local Revenue Data Request_Template
TACC, 2023
Fall 2023 TACC Enrollment Data_Template
TACC 2023
Director of Policy Analysis: Job Description 2022
TACC 2022
Texas Community College Fact Sheet 2022
TACC 2022
Texas Transfer Survey Report
TACC, 2022
Texas Transfer Efficiency Report
TACC 2022
Texas Transfer Landscape
TACC 2022
Purposeful Data Systems: A Strategic Approach for Policymakers
HCM Strategists (2019)
Early Momentum Metrics: Leading Indicators for Community College Improvement
CCRC (2019)
How Outcomes Metrics Can Better Reflect Community College Performance
Third Way (2019)
Searching for Accountability in Higher Education: A Balanced Framework of Goals & Metrics
New America (2019)
Hurdles to Connected Credentials
Third Way (2019)
Postsecondary Data Infrastructure: What is Possible Today
Georgetown University, Massive Data Institute (2019)
Quality Assurance and Improvement in Higher Education: The Role of the States
State Higher Education Executive Officers (2019)