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The Promises and Limits of Higher Education: Understanding How Distance Education Affects Access, Cost, and Quality
American Enterprise Institute (2019)
College Students' Multitasking Behavior in Online Versus Face-to-Face Courses
Lepp, Barkley, Karpinski, & Singh (2019)
Horizon Report Preview
ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2018
Educause Center for Analysis and Research
Horizon Report - 2018 Higher Education Edition
Baseline Trends in Key Performance Indicators Among Colleges Participating in a Technology-Mediated Advising Reform Initiative
CCRC (2018)
Key Considerations for Choosing Technology Solutions to Support Guided Pathways
AACC, NCII, & CCRC (2017)
Ease of Access and Usefulness of Transfer Information on Texas Community College Websites
CCRC (2018)