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Core Principles for Transforming Remediation Within a Comprehensive Student Success Strategy
Strong Start to Finish (2020)
The Effects of Corequisite Remediation: Evidence From a Statewide Reform in Tennessee
CCRC (2019)
Creating Accelerated Pathways for Student Success in Mathematics: A Snapshot of Courses Offered at the Launch of the Mathematics Pathways to Completion Project
CCRC (2019)
Tools for Improving Corequisite Models: A Guide for College Practitioners
RAND Corporation (2019)
The Architecture of Innovation: System-Level Course Redesign in Tennessee
American Council on Education (2015)
Corequisite Remediation: Spanning the Completion Divide
Complete College America (n.d.)
Design Principles for Corequisite Mathematics: An Exploration of Corequisite Models for Texas Colleges and Universities in Response to State Legislative Change (House Bill 2223)
LBJ All the Way Consulting Conglomerate (2018)
New Evidence of Success for Community College Remedial English Students: Tracking the Outcomes of Students in the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP)
CCRC (2012)
Corequisite Remediation Full Implementation 2015-2016
Tennessee Board of Regents (2016)
Fundamental Features of Corequisite Remediation
Tennessee Board of Regents (n.d.)
Corequisite Remediation Pilot Study 2014-2015 and Full Implementation 2015
Tennessee Board of Regents (2016)
Is Corequisite Remediation Cost-Effective? Early Findings from Tennessee
CCRC (2016)