Texas Pathways Institute #2: Mapping Pathways to Students’ End Goals I – Careers

Wednesday, Nov 18 - Friday, Nov 20, 2020

Dallas, TX
United States

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Texas Success Center

Texas Pathways Institute #2 is now scheduled for November in Dallas.  Notifications about any changes to curriculum will be made by early June.

The documents and links on this tab are advance work for all Texas Pathways Institute #2 participants. All files are listed below.

Readings and Listening:


  • The Workforce Playbook Assessment Tool: Review PDF individually and then come together as a group to determine a college response.  Submit the consensus college response via the SurveyMonkey link.
  • 2020 Texas Program-Level Data Template
    • Note: To refresh the data on the middle tabs of the Excel file after you've populated your college's data, click Refresh on the Pivot Table Analyze menu.  If data do not populate, check filter settings.