2023 Scale of Adoption Assessment Due

Monday, May 1, 2023
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Dr. Kristina Flores

All Texas colleges partnering with the Texas Success Center to implement the Texas Pathways strategy are requested to complete the 2023 Texas Pathways Scale of Adoption Assessment (SOAA) process. The SOAA self-assessment tool is designed to help colleges assess how far along they are towards adopting the Texas Pathways essential practices. 


The SOAA process has three steps: 

  1. Texas Pathways colleges complete the SOAA self-assessment tool (distributed to college Pathways Leads on February 6th)
  2. The Texas Success Center interviews college teams to gain deeper insights and calibrate responses across the state. 
  3. The Texas Success Center analyzes results and produces actionable research briefs for use by colleges. 


Submit the completed SOAA self-assessment to the Document Center by May 1, 2023.


We appreciate the time and effort it takes to complete an in-depth assessment like the SOAA! We hope you found the 2021 SOAA briefs to be a valuable resource. We look forward to producing more actionable findings from the 2023 SOAA process.  


Please direct any questions or requests for support to Kristina Flores, Director of Research & Evaluation, at [email protected].