Webinar: Pathways Through the Pandemic

Monday, May 18, 2020
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Texas Success Center

Helping students complete a program of study that leads to stable employment and a career with labor market value is more important than ever.  Through Texas Pathways, Texas community colleges have made remarkable progress redesigning their institutions to improve student outcomes and promote socioeconomic mobility in their communities.  How can colleges maintain momentum on guided pathways as they respond to the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19?

In this webinar, two leaders in the national guided pathways movement discuss student success reforms in a time of crisis.

  • Dr. Alison Kadlec, founding partner of Sova, leads a conversation about how colleges can protect, advance, and/or reset student success priorities and strengthen student success leadership teams.
  • Dr. Rob Johnstone, founder and president of the National Center for Inquiry & Improvement, discusses how guided pathways practices can advance college goals and evolve to meet new challenges.