Talent Strong Texas Pathways Applications Due

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Instructions for Submission

  • Record Institutional Leaders’ Contact Information
  • Complete Sections 1-4 of the Application
    • Section 1:  Reflect on Previous Pathways Progress (After-Action Review)

    • Section 2:  Assess Current Institutional Capacities (Readiness Assessment)

    • Section 3:  Demonstrate Coherence in the Institution’s Systemic Change Strategy

    • Section 4:  Designate Institutional Commitment (Cadre Placement and Participation Agreement, requires CEO signature)

  • Upload this Application package as an attachment to the Texas Success Center’s Document Center.  Please label your submission using the following format for the file name: 2023 Pathways Application_[Full College Name].doc 

For information regarding the application process and materials, or for further information about activities and goals, please email inquiries to [email protected].

Talent Strong Texas Pathways Application