Pre-Institute Session: Rapidly Expanding Short-Term Cloud Computing Credentials Webinar

Thursday, October 28, 2021
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Texas Success Center

Rapidly Expanding Short-Term Cloud Computing Credentials:  The TACC & AWS Partnership

As we continue to generate support for the TRUE initiative, TACC recently announced a new statewide workforce development partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Under this partnership, every publicly funded community college in Texas will have the opportunity to join the AWS Academy Program at no cost and be able to offer AWS cloud skills education as part of your existing credit or non-credit programs to students. Access to the AWS Academy Program will provide each participating community college with access to AWS instructional resources, curriculum, online labs, and other support tools to help create and customize AWS cloud skill certificate or degree programs that will prepare students to earn industry-recognized AWS certifications and qualify for entry-level AWS cloud jobs in the state. During the webinar, we will share details of this opportunity and how to access these benefits.


  • John Lee, AWS Education to Workforce Program Manager
  • Jason Maroney, TEK Systems
  • Meenu Raina, TEK Systems
  • Michelle Jim, TEK Systems
  • Saber Samir, Houston Community College
  • Michael Webster, Houston Community College

Invited participants:  CEOs and CAOs

For any questions, please email the Success Center email listed above.