CCRC Cost Study Webinar

Thursday, November 19, 2020

CCRC's new research on guided pathways tackles two big questions: How much will guided pathways cost, and how can colleges fund and sustain the large-scale changes involved? This webinar will provide insights into these questions from research, practice, and policy perspectives.

CCRC Senior Research Scholar Davis Jenkins discusses findings from CCRC's new research on the cost of guided pathways. Bill Seymour, president of Cleveland State Community College in Tennessee, and Diane Snyder, vice chancellor of finance and administration for the Alamo Colleges, share how their institutions have approached financing whole-college reform. Charles Ansell, vice president of research, policy, and advocacy at Complete College America and former chief financial officer and associate vice chancellor of strategic planning for the Community College System of New Hampshire, discusses the implications of this research for college and system leaders who are advancing and supporting institutional change efforts.



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