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TACC Testimony on Performance-Based Funding, Dr. Brenda Hellyer, 04.03.2019
TACC, 04/03/2019
The Future of Income-Share Agreements: Policy and Politics
Manhattan Institute (2019)
Measuring the Effects of Outcomes-Based Funding on Certificate Production: Challenges, Inconsistencies and Recommendations for Future Research
Research for Action (2019)
Lessons Learned: A Case Study of Performance Funding in Higher Education
Third Way (2018)
Disinvesting in the Future? A Comprehensive Examination of the Effects of State Appropriations for Public Higher Education
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (2018)
Performance-Based Funding for Community Colleges in Texas: Are Colleges Disadvantaged by Serving the Most Disadvantaged Students?
Greater Texas Foundation (2015)
Performance Funding Policy Effects on Community College Outomes: Are Short-Term Certificates on the Rise?
CCR (2017)