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Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board & Texas Workforce Commission (2018)
To Improve Community College Transfer in Texas, Students Need Better Information
Population Research Center, UT-Austin (2018)
Community College Taxing Districts
TACC, 2018
Report on Student Financial Aid in Texas Higher Education: Fiscal Year 2017
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (2018)
State of Student Aid and Higher Education in Texas
Trellis Research (2018)
Dual Credit Study: Dual Credit and Success in College
University of Texas System (2018)
Dual Credit: Where College Meets High School
UT System and TACC Task Force (2018)
60x30TX Progress Report
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (2018)
Framing, Not Blaming: Improving Latino College Transfer in Texas
Excelencia in Education (2017)
2017-2018 Texas Transfer Inventory
Dana Center (2015)
Policy Levers to Strengthen Community College Transfer Student Success in Texas
CCRC (2017)
Constructing Choice Sets: How Texas Community College Students Choose Transfer Institutions
Greater Texas Foundation (2017)
The Texas GED Problem is Getting Worse
Center for Public Policy Priorities (2018)
Texas Pathways Scale of Adoption Assessment Cadre 1
Texas Success Center (2018)
Texas Student Success Council
JFF (2014)
Diversifying STEM: Student Success and Community College Transfer in Engineering and Computer Science in Texas
Society of Women Engineers (2017)
Performance-Based Funding for Community Colleges in Texas: Are Colleges Disadvantaged by Serving the Most Disadvantaged Students?
Greater Texas Foundation (2015)