Community College Student Week


CCW 2021


Community College Student Week invites Texas college students to engage with their elected officials and discuss issues relevant to them and higher education.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Community College Student Day has been moved online and extended to a full week of virtual advocacy!

In addition to visits with legislators, students will have the opportunity to hear remarks from higher education leaders as well as interview various state senators and representatives. Students and legislators will discuss legislative priorities for higher education in 2021. This event is an opportunity for students to learn about the legislative processes and inner workings of the state capitol; it also offers legislators the opportunity to hear directly from Texans. 

We understand many of our colleges will be hosting their own advocacy days throughout the  87th session. Therefore, all resources and recorded conversations will be published on this site for the entire session. 


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CCW Schedule


Monday, March 1
    TACC Policy Priorities Orientation
Tuesday, March 2
    Student Advocacy Day
Wednesday, March 3
    Young Invincibles 
Thursday, March 4
   Social Media Engagement Day
Friday, March 5
    Student Advocacy Day 

* Please note, this schedule is subject to change 

CCW Speakers


Young Invincibles Logo

Young Invincibles (YI)

Young Invincibles aims is to amplify the voices of young adults in the political process and expand economic opportunity for their generation. YI has expanded from a group run out of a school cafeteria to a national organization with offices across the country. They take on issues related to health care, higher education, and economic security. YI is committed to expanding economic opportunity for young adults ages 18 to 34 and making sure that their perspective is heard wherever decisions are being made. They focus on ensuring young communities with the least access to political and economic power have a say. 


Visit their site 

Zoom Recordings 

Missed the conversation on March 1? 

Watch the recording below. 

CCSW 2021- TACC Policy Priorities Orientation

Missed the conversation on March 3? 

Watch the recording below. 

CCSW - Young Invincibles: How to Craft Your Message


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