Advocacy and Policy Analysis

TACC's core mission is advocacy.  We advance policy development before the state legislature, Texas policy leadership, and state agencies. We further advocate for sustained state and local funding for Texas community colleges.  Our advocacy for community colleges aims to ensure a robust system of postsecondary education and workforce training for all Texans.  

Texas community colleges and the 86th Texas Legislature

For the 86th Texas Legislative Session, TACC will advocate for a blend of state appropriations and policies that promote broader access to postsecondary education and training at community colleges across the state. 

Our advocacy is grounded on research and current data.  The links below provide overviews about Texas community colleges, their communities, and the more than 700,000 students enrolled at community colleges. 

Community College Enrollment

Find data on community college headcounts, as well as base year contact hours, which determine a major portion of the general revenue appropriation by the State of Texas.

Community College Funding

Find information on each of the major community college funding sources: student tuition and fees, local property taxes, and state appropriations. This page also includes links to other funding resources, including each college district's FY 2013 annual financial report, taxing district and service area maps, and economic impact studies.

Student Success Points

Created in 2013, Student Success Points account for community college students' diverse goals and varying levels of college preparation. Each Texas community college's performance, shown at this link, informs the outcomes-based component of state appropriations.

Click here for an overview Document (PDF) of Texas community college enrollment, funding, and student success points.