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Pathways to Success: Texas Community College Essay Contest

Thank you to all those who submitted essays to the Texas Pathways to Success Essay Contest! Submissions are now closed, and the winners have been notified. Check back soon for a full list of winners and honorable mentions. 

In recognition of House Bill 8 – which invested nearly $700 million additional dollars into Texas community colleges – the Texas Association of Community Colleges and the Commit Partnership proudly announce an inspiring essay contest to help spotlight and celebrate Texas community college students. Specifically, the contest aims to showcase how Texas community colleges help prepare students for well-paying, in-demand jobs.   

This essay contest not only provides an avenue for students to share their unique stories but also serves as an acknowledgment of the transformative power of community colleges in shaping promising careers. We encourage all eligible students to participate and look forward to celebrating the academic and career journeys that make community colleges the cornerstone of success! 

Essay Prompt

Participants are encouraged to provide a detailed account of their personal backgrounds, their educational journey, why they chose to attend community college, and ultimately share how their experience at a community college is shaping their journey toward a fulfilling and financially rewarding career. 

Please provide specifics regarding what programs, initiatives, or supports your community college has provided to help you succeed. (For example: your chosen degree and/or certification pathway, any dual credit coursework you have taken or are taking, any industry apprenticeships/internships/other workforce opportunities accessed through your community college). 

Participants can choose any of following prompts: 

How is your community college experience preparing you... [options:]  

  • For a meaningful and well-paying career?  

  • To thrive in the Texas economy? 

  • To thrive in the 21st century workforce? 

  • To achieve a meaningful career with which you can support yourself and your family? 


How did community colleges... [options:]  

  • Transform your career pathway? 

  • Transform the trajectory of your career and future? 

  • Expand the possibilities for your future? 

  • Change how you thought and felt about your future? 

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Submission Guidelines: 

  • Student must be currently enrolled in a Texas community college.
    • This includes any Texas high school students participating in dual credit coursework through a Texas community college 
  • Essays should be sent to [email protected]
  • Essay should not exceed 1,250 words. Please note there is no formatting preference for submissions. 
  • Limit one submission per student. 
  • All essay submissions should be original content, the use of AI is discouraged.
  • Selected winners must be willing to share their story for promotional materials. 
  • Questions? Email TACC Program Coordinator, Chelsea Laughrun, at [email protected]

Submission deadline: April 1, 2024.