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Review of 86Th Legislature - State Representative Chris Turner
CCATT 2019
College Data Walk and Strategic Planning for Board Members – Dr. Rose Martinez and Dr. Cynthia Ferrell
CCATT 2019
College Accountability and Accreditation – Dr. Johnette McKown
CCATT 2019
Presidential Succession Planning – Dr. Steve McCleery
CCATT 2019
Fall 2018 Tuition Fee Results
TACC 2019
Spring 19 Tuition and Fees
TACC, 2019
Relevant Bills Enacted by the 86th Texas Legislature
TACC, 2019
2019 TACC Summer Meeting Agenda
TACC, 2019
Texas Community Colleges by Region
TACC 2019
ECAR Study of Community College Students and Information Technology, 2019
EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (2019)
Teaching Matters and So Does Curriculum: How CUNY Start Reshaped Instruction for Students Referred to Developmental Mathematics
CCRC (2019)
Scaling Success: Lessons from the ASAP Expansion at Bronx Community College
CCRC (2019)
Underrepresented Faculty Play a Disproportionate Role in Advancing Diversity and Inclusion
Nature Ecology & Evolution (2019)
Best Practices for Financial Literacy and Education at Institutions of Higher Education
U.S. Financial Literacy and Education Committee (2019)
Debt to Society: The Case for Bold, Equitable Student Loan Cancellation and Reform
Dēmos (2019)
Setting A North Star: Motivations, Implications, and Approaches to State Postsecondary Attainment Goals
Ithaka S+R
Casualties of College Debt: What Data Show and Experts Say About Who Defaults and Why
The Institute for College Access & Success
Tools for Improving Corequisite Models: A Guide for College Practitioners
RAND Corporation (2019)
The Dallas Promise Network Realized
CCATT, 2019