Community colleges are economic and cultural engines in every part of the state, vital to their communities and key to advancing the individual aspirations of students.

Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC)

TACC is a nongovernmental organization that serves all 50 public community college districts in Texas.

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Our primary mission is advocacy to help advance policy development, innovation and institutional practices in higher education.

TACC provides a common voice and focused strategy, builds trustworthy relationships with the Texas Legislature and policymakers, and creates meaningful multisector partnerships on behalf of the Texas community colleges we serve. 

Texas community colleges:

  • Change lives through social and economic mobility; 
  • Value transformational change, transformational thinking and transformational leadership; and
  • Envision a thriving, forward-looking Texas where all students have an opportunity for education beyond high school. 


If you'd like to learn more about how community colleges effectively serve all Texans, please explore our explainer videos and student success stories below:

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