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TACC Data & Information

In the Data & Information section of TACC's website you will find information on the following topics:

Community College Enrollment

Access to higher education is at the heart of the mission of Texas public community colleges. Headcount at community colleges as well as Base Year Contact Hour information--the basis for a major portion of the General Revenue appropriation by the State of Texas--is provided on the Community College Enrollment page. Additional data on Enrollment (e.g., total unduplicated enrollment for an academic year, dual credit enrollment) will be added to the enrollment page in the coming weeks.

Community College Funding

As a sector of higher education, public community colleges in Texas are funded from three major sources: student tuition and fees, levy from local property taxes, and state appropriations. Information on each of these sources of revenue is provided in this section. In addition, the funding page provides access to other funding resources including each college district's Annual Financial Report FY 2016, Taxing District and Service Area maps, and Economic Impact study links.

Student Success Points

The community colleges of Texas understand that a critical part of our mission focuses on the success of our students. In 2013, the Texas Legislature created an outcomes based component to the state appropriation, Student Success Points. Information on Student Success Points is provided in this section.

Click here for an Overview Document (February 2017 PDF) of Texas community college enrollment, funding, and student success points.